Jul 26, 2013

We're Hiring - Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing - B2B with ecommerce experience
Job Description:
Forward thinker with the ability to execute e-commerce and traditional B2B marketing tactics. The role must have a clear understanding around how to execute targeted communications that will deliver strong growth in both top line revenue and bottom-line business unit profitability.
Position Responsibilities:
  • Implement both online and offline marketing strategy; including Website Strategy, SEO & PPC strategy, CRM and marketing automation strategies, merchandising, brand management, and customer experience.
  • Manage and implement both a short-term and long-term ecommerce and brand marketing plan and budget.
  • Work closely with senior management to establish short and long term strategies, support tactics, identify key metrics and analyze results in terms of ROI and other key performance indicators.
  • Direct and conduct regular competitor analysis to determine best practices for ecommerce pricing and merchandising.
  • Manage digital agency on day to day executions which includes manage and expand our SEM activities, including PPC, analytics, content, organic rankings and linking.
  • Support business development through innovative and ongoing tactical support. 
  • Work with our sales and business development teams to expand Direct Mail, Sponsorship Opportunities, Catalog Development, Program Marketing, E-Mail Marketing and Database Management.
  • Manage and execute blog content and social media content.
  • Analyze marketing program results to gain insight into successes, failures and performance trends; react to opportunities and make appropriate recommendations and course adjustments.
  • Effectively manage and enhance sales presentations, RFP process and all other company-wide communications.
  • Collaborate with Creative Director and rest of the creative department to ensure timely delivery of marketing projects, website improvements and other sales-related activities.
  • Utilize industry best practices as it relates to online shopping experience to recommend new features or enhancements and track the impact to order conversion and revenue.
  • Understand and manage the execution of the CoreMotives marketing automation platform.
Desired Skills & Experience:
  • Approximately 8-10 years of overall B2B marketing experience.
  • Ecommerce experience
  • Thorough knowledge of web-based technologies, B2B online shopping, SEO, PPC, Analytics, ROI Analysis, Brand Marketing, E-Mail Marketing and Direct Mail.
  • Excellent knowledge of the latest Google, Bing and other advertising platforms, including smart phone and tablet applications.
  • Understanding of marketing automation in the B2B space
  • Knowledge of CoreMotives marketing platform
  • Outstanding writing, communication and presentation skills.
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple projects.
  • Metrics driven and results oriented with demonstrated analytical skills.
  • Self-motivated, self-managed, and able to take the ball and run with it.
Contact Lori Ruben at lrubin@iceboxmail.com
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Jul 24, 2013

KIA reaches an exciting milestone

Congratulation KIA on an exciting milestone.  They recently celebrated their 1 millionth vehicle built at the West Point, Georgia manufacturing facility. 

We are a proud partner and friend!  

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Jul 22, 2013

Welcome George Hanna to The Icebox!

The Icebox would like to welcome George Hanna to the team as our new Creative Director. 

A bit about George from George:
  • I was born in Atlanta
  • Got paid for my first t-shirt graphic at age 15 and decided I liked that
  • Graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta
  • Moved to NYC and started doing art for The Gap
  • Moved to Ohio to do art full time for Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Decided Ohio was not for me, went back to New York to work full time for Aeropostale
  • Moved back to Atlanta 2 years ago
  • Started selling prints in numerous Atlanta boutiques/galleries
  • Pretty much obsessed with vintage everything

We are thrilled to have George on the team.  His talent and leadership will be an additional asset to the creative force we have at The Icebox. 

He is also the shop owner of OldDirty Type on www.etsy.com  Give it a look.


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Jul 19, 2013

Entrepreneurs of the Year Award

Distributor Entrepreneurs of the Year Award

Congratulations to the owners of The Icebox, Scott Alterman and Jordy Gamson, who were recently honored as the Entrepreneurs of the Year at the 2013 Counselors Awards during the ASI trade show in Chicago. 

Click here to view the full article in Counselor Magazine
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Jul 17, 2013

Team Building - The Icebox Style


As many Human Resource Directors would stress, the ability to work together as a team is imperative to the success of a business.   To stay true to The Icebox culture, a typical team building exercise wouldn’t cut it.  Instead it would have to be something organic, fun and unique. 

Hence, the Beltline Bonanza Scavenger Hunt was born.  Why the Beltline?  Because our office is located at the start (or end depending how you look at it) of the Beltline – a new walking/running path in Atlanta. 

In our minds, a successful team building event should incorporate problem solving, identifying and executing specific roles in the team, constructing team strategies, engaging the competitive nature, breaking down barriers, inspiring creativity, and forming bonds between team members all while having a ton of fun.   

The next step was to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  We didn’t hire an outside company to develop or manage this project…no, we did it ourselves.  Using the Beltline as our frame of reference and inspiration, we created scavenger-hunt-type-of activities that were crazy yet fun. 

The rules where easy; break up into teams, each individual gets a booklet which outlines all the activities then let the group loose.  The teams had to be back at the office by a specific time with books in hand and visit one of the judges, who would total the points associated with particular tasks.  The team with the most points wins!

Below are some photos of the type of tasks that had to be completed!


The group loved it!  They were energetic and competitive, they worked with others they typically don’t work with, created team strategies on how to attack the tasks but all in all they had a ton of fun. 

Be on the lookout for a bunch of Icebox employees running up and down the beltline in the near future.  The 2nd annual Beltline Bonanza is already in the works. 

The team at The Icebox would like to extend a huge thank you to Michael Cox from BroderBros., Co. for the inspiration, the help and ultimately sponsoring the event! 
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Jul 9, 2013

We're Hiring! Web Fanatic, Coding Guru

Web Fanatic, Coding Guru | The Icebox - Cool Stuff | Atlanta, GA

The Icebox - Cool Stuff is currently seeking a full-time web developer and designer to work at its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA. The successful candidate for this position will have good mix of technical and creative skills and should have a creative portfolio(*) to demonstrate their abilities.

  • Conceptualization and creation of user interfaces for web and e-commerce
  • Image slicing, optimization and coding of designs for web, e-commerce and email marketing initiatives
  • Day to day maintenance of corporate websites, e-commerce sites, blog and social media portals to increase traffic and visitor retention
  • Analyze, monitor and communicate performance of websites and email initiatives to superiors
  • Maintain web and email best practices including browser/client compatibility, use of images etc.
  • Design and deployment of email marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Web flyer, fax flyer and order form design
  • Assist with other web-related company initiatives that are executed by external agencies
  • Administration of iceboxcoolstuff.com
  • Administration of Core Motives and Dynamics CRM

  • 3-5 years experience with website development/design in a corporate setting preferred
  • 3-5 years graphic design and page layout experience
  • Proficiency with the following:
    o Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver
    o HTML, CSS (JavaScript a plus)
    o CMS experience
    o Email Marketing - Constant Contact, CoreMotives or similar
    o SEO/SEM experience, or working knowledge
    o Social Media – Blogger, Facebook, Twitter
    o CRM - Microsoft Dynamics or similar
    o Mac and Windows platforms, Microsoft Office
    o Basic website copywriting skills
  • Strong eye for user interface/layout with comprehensive working knowledge of composition, color and typography
  • Ability to collaborate with a team or work autonomously
  • Solid oral communication skills/ability to communicate with team and superiors
  • Self-directed and able to handle multiple projects and meet competing deadlines
  • Creative thinker, team player and problem solver
  • A resourceful motivated self-starter
  • Thorough and highly detail oriented – willing to go the extra mile to optimize the look and performance of all our communications to clients
  • Flexible and adaptable to change as the company grows
  • Keep current with emerging web technologies and provide ideas for improvement of product offerings
  • Thick skin/ability to improve with constructive criticism and relish positive feedback

Commensurate with skill level and experience

(*) Online portfolios preferred.

To apply, send your resume to Lori Rubin at lrubin@iceboxmail.com
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Jul 2, 2013

Choosing Fonts - By Our In-House Font-A-Holic

Choosing a font can be the most important aspect of a design or logo. Could you imagine the Coca-Cola logo set in Comic Sans? That would be a little silly (pun intended). The design would not have quite the same impact.

At the Icebox, we take designing and font selection very seriously. When creating logos or designs for our customers, great time and care is spent in making sure we match up the feel and vibe of the company with an appropriate typeface. Don’t worry, we can tell the difference between Helvetica and Gotham. And obviously, we also know not to use Brush Script in all caps.

Whether it’s taking classes in type design or picking up the latest copy of Print Magazine, our team of artists are always keeping up with current trends. When choosing the Icebox, you can confidently leave the font selection to us.

-Jason Kochis

Font-a-holic, Type Designer, and Graphic Artist at the Icebox
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