Jul 26, 2012

Thinking Outside of the Promotional Product: Taking it to the Next Level

At times, standing out in a crowded convention floor can seem like a daunting task. You know what kinds of promotional products people gravitate toward, but you want to make a statement at the same time. Here are some ideas for taking tried and true products to a whole new altitude.

USB Drives

These handy little devices are a must have. Everybody has them, and everybody needs them.

How to utilize USB drives to their full potential: preload any company information you want customers to have.

Bonus: offer them an incentive for looking at your preloaded data.

Going beyond: these little guys come as bracelets, key chains and lanyards! You can easily attach them to the handles of your goodie bags, ensuring that your customers will see it and keep it.


Wristbands show company pride, support for a cause or the latest fashion craze.
The bands come in a multitude of styles, so show you care about safety by going with a reflective one.

Really want to stand out and be the center of the party? Choose one of the awesome light-up ones!

Bonus: Go with both. Yes, there are wristbands that are safety conscious and trendsetting. Don’t get left in the dark.


Want a bang for your buck? An item everyone uses? One your customers will keep and use? Then a pen is a must. But, this all about taking it up a notch, so here are some pens that are sure to make an impression.

Get more than a writing utensil. Pick one that has a cord or clip, has a unique shape, lights up or multi-tasks. Choosing a pen that does more will get used more. Which means your logo will be seen more.
Worried about cost? Many are under $2 and some are even under a $1.

Luggage Tags

Impress even James Bond with your bag tags.

Bag tag by flight, sewing kit by hotel.
Bonus: Don’t sew? Other bag tags have detachable pens and hidden first aid kits.
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Jul 13, 2012

Embrace your Geekness Day: Top 5 Products Every Great Geek Needs

Do you spend hours boldly going where no one has gone before on the Internet?

Are you into comic books, vampires or games with dragons?

Do you know what I mean when I say “don’t forget your towel?”

Do you think geek is a lifestyle, not a label?

Then today is your day!  Your inner geek, or favorite geek, will be the envy of everyone with these geek-chic gifts.

  1. Smaller, Wiser
Never be bored again! This massive brain-teaser in mini form follows your keys around, providing hours of puzzle paradise.

    Keychain with Rubik's cube

  1. Save the Environment, Save the Computer
Be a green geek. This easily attached button saves more energy than standard sleep mode, is eco-friendly and is compatible on both Mac and PC.

                              Environmentally friendly computer sleep button plugs into either a Mac or PC

  1. Danger, Will Robinson!
It’s a robot.
It’s a USB drive.
It’s geektastic.
Be jealous. Be very jealous.
Robot USB driv

    2.   Walking Paperweight Man

 The Swiss Army knife of paperweights, this little guy can walk, hold business cards and be stylish; all at the same time.
Walking paperweight that can hold desk items

  1. Gravity Defying Time Piece
That’s right, a floating clock.  Do I need to say more?
Digital clock that floats in the air

Digital clock that floats in midair

Which one do you want?
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