Aug 31, 2018

Find the Right Swag for This Tailgating Time of Year

Welcome back football season!

The return of football season means many things: autumn is back, you have something to do on Sundays, and, of course, tailgating.

It's a pretty safe bet that many of your customers are exactly like us here at The Icebox. We love a good game (Go Falcons!) and we love to share our fanaticism with others, preferably in a parking lot surrounded by smoking grills and games of corn hole. Since The Icebox shares that love with those important to your brand, it's only proper that we offer a large variety of cool swag to help market your brand and help make the most out of tailgating season.

From chairs to speakers to games, we have everything it takes to make a memorable tailgating experience as well as increase your marketing presence. It's win-win! Except when it comes to the actual football games. Then it's Falcons all the way, baby.

Don't forget the grill

If you want to put your logo on some super sweet swag to set the stage for an epic tailgate party, look no further than this collapsable grill. It folds down so you can carry it with one hand, it fits up to 12 hotdogs and/or burgers at the same time, and there is plenty of real estate to make your brand known.

Not only will this be a staple during football season to whomever is lucky enough to carry it home, but they will hardly forget the company that provided it.

Don't flip flop on the spatulas

You can't have a grill without the necessary tools to work it. This BBQ ninja of a set comes with five devices that every tailgating party needs to be successful. Think of it like a Swiss Army Knife for football season.

This set includes a spatula, a fork, a brush, a bottle opener, and a cork screw. Oh, and it also comes with the essential sixth feature: lots of space to market your company with these great promotional items.

Pump up those jams

You're definitely going to need some music to take the party to the next level and, once again, The Icebox has your back.

This lightweight, portable bluetooth speaker would make the perfect addition to your portable party. The rechargeable battery lasts four to six hours and it can even be operated through an included remote control. Two sides of this cube are ready and waiting for your logo. Now all you need to do is to figure out what that "Na na na na na, Hey!" song is actually called.

Games before the games

The Icebox is also super pumped to offer a variety of promotional items that can give some entertainment before the big kickoff. This large, four-foot-tall lawn game is ready to test the best Connect 4 players out there. The discs can be white, black, red, or blue and printed with whatever you think will market your company the best.

We all know the best tailgating parties don't wait for a coin toss to get things started. Might as well give your clients some swag that breaks the ice early and easily.

In beero veritas

There are two basic ingredients to any tailgating party. One is football and the other is probably going to be drinking. This extremely handy two-in-one insulated thermos will not only keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours, it will keep your coffee warm for up to six. So whether you're finding refreshment in the last of summer's hot days, or looking for some warmth during the playoffs, this tumbler is ready for you.

This chill piece of swag also comes in a large variety of colors and lid options. You're sure to find something worthy of your brand.

These are just a few of the many, many cool items that The Icebox has to give you the best football season yet. Take a look around at what we can offer and don't ever be afraid to reach out and ask us for help.

Is anyone else really thirsty after all of this? We'll see you in the parking lot, and go Falcons!
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Aug 8, 2018

Bamboo swag can make your clients, and the Earth, very happy

Bamboo can be way more than just a panda snack.

We here at The Icebox are way into bamboo. As you probably know by now, bamboo is basically a powerhouse of sustainability. It has a higher tensile strength than steel and can handle compression better than concrete. On top of that, it's also super renewable. It can produce more than 12 times more than wood during the same timeframe. On top of that, it absorbs more carbon dioxide than most other plants. And, above all, it makes for some absolutely fantastic swag.

Chances are, the people who matter the most to your business love bamboo as much as we do. Luckily, The Icebox has an enormous amount of bamboo swag that can sport your brand and put a smile on your clients face. Here are just a few of the many, many examples.

Can't go wrong with a water bottle

These sleek glass water bottles give you the chance to pop your logo on the bamboo top. The stylish 17-ounce bottles can come in additional colors and you have a few different options for imprints.

We promise your clients will get thirsty, so they will definitely keep around their bamboo bottle swag.

Cutting boards for the culinarily curious

Just like we're sure the people who mean the most to your brand will get thirsty, we can also promise they're gonna eat.

This classy bamboo and slate cutting board will protect countertops as it does your guerrilla marketing for you.

It's easy to wash, easy to store, and can be laser engraved with your logo or message. It can be used as a traditional cutting board or as a charcuterie board. Your choice!

Let bamboo give you power

This honey of a power bank is some prime bamboo swag. It's a 5,000 mAh Grade A Lithium Polymer battery with two outputs for all your charging needs.

Plus, there's plenty of up front, in-your-face space to print whatever message, logo, or branding your customers should see.

Your bamboo beach boombox buddy

This neat little combo comes with bamboo-accented headphones and a bamboo travel box. The headphones are also paired with three different types of ear tips. But if you want to share your soundtrack, the acoustic box doubles as a nifty little speaker.

Both the top of the box and the headphones themselves have imprint space.

You don't need to hear it to know it's dying to come along with you for some sun and surf.

These are just a few of the many, many cool items that The Icebox has in store for your bamboo-loving clients. Take a look around at what we can offer and don't ever be afraid to reach out and ask us for help.

And don't worry pandas, there's plenty of bamboo to go around.
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