Jul 2, 2013

Choosing Fonts - By Our In-House Font-A-Holic

Choosing a font can be the most important aspect of a design or logo. Could you imagine the Coca-Cola logo set in Comic Sans? That would be a little silly (pun intended). The design would not have quite the same impact.

At the Icebox, we take designing and font selection very seriously. When creating logos or designs for our customers, great time and care is spent in making sure we match up the feel and vibe of the company with an appropriate typeface. Don’t worry, we can tell the difference between Helvetica and Gotham. And obviously, we also know not to use Brush Script in all caps.

Whether it’s taking classes in type design or picking up the latest copy of Print Magazine, our team of artists are always keeping up with current trends. When choosing the Icebox, you can confidently leave the font selection to us.

-Jason Kochis

Font-a-holic, Type Designer, and Graphic Artist at the Icebox

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