Sep 27, 2016

Insulated Drinkware: One Very Cool Trend

Whether drinking a steaming hot cocoa on a winter morning, or icy cold tea on a summer afternoon, insulated drinkware is perfect for any climate. Keeping beverages at ideal temperatures, insulated drinkware is perfect for relaxing at home, on-the-go and anything in between.

The first vacuum flask was invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892. The bottle consisted of two flasks, one placed within the other and joined at the neck. The air between the two flasks was sucked out creating a vacuum, which significantly reduces heat. Dewar’s design was quickly transformed into a commercial product, revolutionizing drinkware for people around the world.

As with all products, there are good, better, best variants within this drinkware category. There are many different ways to insulate a bottle in order to reduce or transfer heat. The best method for keeping beverages hot or cold is through copper vacuum insulation. With no air between inner and outer walls, plus a copper plated inner wall, this type of insulation can keep beverages hot for 8 hours and cold for 16 hours. Some of the best products on the market today are made from copper vacuum insulation and are generating a ton of press! A secondary method to insulate drinkware that is quite effective in its own right is by adding foam between inner and outer walls of a mug, and combining with vacuum insulation. This is where all the air is sucked out from between the inner and outer walls, similar to Sir Dewar’s invention. Using foam and vacuum insulation you can expect your beverage to stay hot for 5 hours and cold for 15 hours! Finally, the most basic way to insulate your beverage is by simply creating air between inner and outer walls of drinkware. This method can keep a beverage hot for 2 hours and cold for 4 hours.

Today, insulated drinkware products like YETI and S’well Bottles are all the rage in retail. The YETI Rambler is made from stainless steel with a double wall vacuum, the most advanced type of technology used to insulate beverages. After the introduction of the YETI Rambler, a cup craze swept the nation. Their products are flying off the shelves, while stores struggle to keep these high demand items in stock. Like YETI, the S’well Bottle is also one of the most popular insulated drinkware brands on the market this year. Not only are they great quality but also come in many different designs and colors. Furthermore, they are tapping into the matte trend —several styles come in matte with gloss imprint options, giving the product a textural look. There are so many ways to customize insulated drinkware making it the perfect product to brand with your company logo!

If your budget doesn’t allow for brand-name tumblers like YETI and S’well, there are a number of incredibly well designed alternatives that have the same, if not better, insulation efficacy.

Here are some alternative options The Icebox loves:

Made of stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulation, the 64oz Growl Vacuum Growler is a perfect refrigerator on the go. This exclusive Leed’s design will surely keep your beverage at ice-cold temperatures for over 24 hours!

Another great insulated item is the Mega Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle, which will keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 48 hours. With your company logo on this bottle you are sure to look hot, or cool!

This Geometric Vacuum Tumblr has a textural look and offers choices of rose gold or silver finish.

The High Sierra Blackout Vacuum has a twist on/off cap has open close functionality with 360 degree drinkability. Additionally, the lid with handle doubles as 6oz drinking cup, taking your drinkware from an on-the-go travel mug, to a sit down cup of joe.

Contact The Icebox for your company’s drinkware needs, we promise cool drinks and hot beverages all day long!
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