Feb 10, 2010

Atlanta ADDYs 2010 - GA Aquarium

The Icebox was proud to support the ADDYs again this year! If you're not familiar with the ADDYs, it's an award ceremony that represents the best creative thinking from the Southeast's advertising industry. Winners will advance to the national ADDY Awards.

Last year we supported the ADDYs by providing t-shirts to all participants. This year was a little different to say the least... we provided the centerpieces! Centerpieces aren't exactly our specialty, unless they're promotional products of course, so we were presented with a challenge... We asked ourselves, how can we create a really cool centerpiece and incorporate what we do in it? We thought of trinkets and other promotional items we could throw into a vase... no. We thought of aquarium-themed promotional products... no.

And then, when we thought all was lost, someone shouted what about making something out of t-shirts? We loved the idea, but what in the world could we make out of t-shirts that could serve as centerpieces among all the creative geniuses in Atlanta in the fancy Oceans Ballroom at the Georgia Aquarium? Hmmmmm..... then finally a thought emerged, what if we made something similar to a diaper cake (like the ones you see at baby showers)? Ok, now we're getting somewhere. But, how could we relate that to the aquarium? Thanks to our super-talented Art Director, Regina, she suggested we create a coral fixture and arrange the colorful t-shirts on the coral to look like they are sponges and flowers. BRILLIANT! But how in the world are we going to do that? That's when we were introduced to paper mache... the pics below tell the rest of the story.

All in all, the ADDYs were a great event, lots of awards were given, and not a single t-shirt was left (which is definitely a good thing).

Drilling the "coral" onto the bases

Painting the "coral"

The ADDYs tees we produced (they were so soft and so bright!)

We love our tees!

Assembling the centerpiece

Taking a break to admire the ray

Finishing up... look at those bright centerpieces

Even the whale shark swam over for a peek
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