May 30, 2018

Christmas in July? Time to check your list twice for the holiday season.

There's no better way to celebrate Christmas in July than by planning ahead for the real holiday season.

Sure, it may sound a tad bit more boring than tearing into presents under palm trees, but it's never too early to begin preparing for the crazy snowstorm that is the end of the year. It'll be here before you know it. And if you don't start getting ready to meet your marketing needs now, you could get snowed under in the last-minute holiday rush.

It may not be the exact reason why Christmas in July was created, but it's the perfect excuse to look ahead at what to buy if you're going to thank your customers, show your employees they're appreciated, or plan the most rockin' holiday party imaginable.

Whatever your winter needs are, The Icebox has you covered with plenty of cool swag to make it the best holiday ever for those that mean the most to your business. While we give you some ideas for how we can help, let's learn a bit about Christmas in July's origins, shall we? We shall!

It turns out the concept of Christmas in July has been around longer than you might think. One of the first known usages of the term is from a 1892 French opera named Werther. Christmas in July is way classier than you thought, huh?

Do you know what else would be pretty classy? Getting those on your holiday shopping list a branded power bank for their oodles of electronics.

The Icebox has many to choose from and our swag experts working behind the scenes would gladly help you pick the best one for those on your "nice" list.

It wasn't until the 1940s that America fully embraced the summer celebration. Christmas in July really entered our pop culture consciousness with the 1940 film comedy titled... you guessed it: Christmas in July. The Hollywood movie told the story of a man tricked into thinking that he won $25,000 and spending it all. And it inspired the imagination of many marketers. During the next decade, the summer holiday became cemented as an advertising tradition for businesses to hold sales during the warmer months.

While the summer sun beats down on you, we know it would help cool you down by thinking of the chilly days ahead and what swag will let your customers truly enjoy their Christmas in December. For instance, nothing says Happy Holidays like snack boxes.

A set of delicious three-tiered snack boxes, filled with an assortment of sweet and savory treats, are the perfect companion for that most wonderful time of the year.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the holidays land right in the middle of their summer. So, many locales choose to celebrate Christmas in July as a way to pair their special time of year with the Northern Hemisphere's winter wonderland.

But here, July is as hot as hot can be. While you're sweating the upcoming holidays and sweating through your shorts, you might as well let your swag help your customers skim through the summer months.

The Icebox has plenty of promotional items for this vacationing time of year. We have travel wallets, luggage locks, toiletry kits, and so much more that are ready to take your brand on vacay. And these gifts are perfect for holiday travel too!

Whether you're prepping to be someone's Santa, or looking for a way to chill out as the mercury rises, The Icebox can help.

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