Aug 17, 2017

Taking Your Brand on Vacation

Wouldn’t it be cool if every one of your customers who traveled for business or vacation could take your brand with them? Of course it would, and there is an easy way to do it! With business trips increasing by 38%, averaging 12-14 trips per year per traveler, your logo could be in front of millions of people every day by adding travel items to your promotional inventory.

Travel items are the perfect opportunity to promote your brand. They are inexpensive, have ample advertising space, and help customers easily spot their belongings while others get exposed to your logo. Airports, hotels, restaurants, beaches, conventions, and meetings are all cool places for your brand to be spotted and reach new audiences.

Here are our favorite choices for travel products that promote your business.

Bag Tag/Lock
Save your customers time at baggage claim or security checkpoints by giving them something they can use to easily spot their bags while other travelers easily spot your logo too!

Keeping an I.D., passport, ticket, cash for tips and other sensitive items close and secure is important, especially when traveling. A passport wallet or travel wallet is the perfect product to carry personal items and your brand.

Toiletry Kit
When traveling, less is definitely more. Giving customers a reason to leave the oversized toiletry bag at home to take your toiletry kit instead, your brand with be a lifesaver and constantly in front of their faces, which is right where you want it.

Mobile Device Case
Go everywhere your customer goes with mobile device cases. Phones, tablets and laptops can all have your logo for a low price.

Power Bank
Staying connected on the go is essential. No matter what device your customer uses, the power bank will extend the battery life so they can stay charged.

Whether coffee, tea or water is your customer’s drink of choice for travel, one of our quality tumblers will be perfect. Spills, condensation and insulation won’t be on their minds, but your brand will!

Sometimes the best ideas are simple, inexpensive things that can be done to improve our lives and businesses. Investing in travel promotional products is one of those ideas that give a big bang for your bucks without breaking the bank. Our collection of travel accessories such as  luggage, wallets and kits are great promotional vehicles for transporting your brand to new destinations. Contact our team to get started with planning your brand’s next vacation.


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