Oct 1, 2018

Cuddle Season

Tis the season: Bundle your customers up in the best blanket swag

That’s right. It’s almost blanket season.

Now that those dog days of summer are behind us, it’s time to start thinking about how we will bundle ourselves (and our awesome customers) up. There are many different types of swag opportunities for you to market your business on the backs of blankets.

And, wouldn’t you know it, The Icebox has just so many ways to help you swaddle your special clients in the comfiest blankets (that just so happen to have your branding on them.)

Around the house

Check out this plaid plush throw blanket. It comes in either a red or blue pattern with a convenient corner to put your classy logo.

This comfy cable-knit sherpa blanket feels as soft as it looks. Available in either grey or cream, it’s sure to bring more warmth into whatever home it lives.

Fall picnicking

We all know that blanket season won’t keep us indoors. Luckily, The Icebox has plenty of rugged, travel-ready outdoor blankets that will play well with your picnics, hayrides, and bonfires.

This stow-and-go picnic blanket can take a beating and keep you warm in the park. The whole thing comes in multiple colors and even has a little carabiner attached to clip wherever convenient.

This handsome blanket/bag is easy to carry, comes in three colors, and offers plenty of space to promote your brand. It looks perfect to lay down on the leaves and enjoy the crisp autumn air.

At the game

Since it’s blanket season, it also means that it’s football season! Whether your customers are cheering on their favorite big league team or high school team, they will need to stay warm.

This hefty stadium blanket looks like it will keep everyone cozy through even the most brutal of away games. Made of brushed polyester fleece, it comes in blue, red, and green.

This should give you a great starting point for how to incorporate blankets into your upcoming swag plan. And, as always, let us know if we can help. We love helping.

Stay cool while staying warm!

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