Jun 26, 2018

Can we just talk about Atlanta United FC for a minute?

The World Cup might be in full swing, but we here at The Icebox can't look away from our hometown soccer team.

If you ask us, The Atlanta United FC has given all Atlantans yet another reason to be thankful for living in this amazing city. They might only have one (incredible) season under their belt, but the Five Stripes have already made their mark. We're diehard fans here at the Icebox and wanted to celebrate just how much our Major League Soccer team has brought to ATL.

Besides, just because the U.S. didn't make it into the World Cup, doesn't mean we can be proud of our hometown heroes.

Last year was a doozy of an inaugural season, and we rode all the ups and downs of that rollercoaster cheering with everyone else in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Sure, we might have lost in the playoffs to that gut punch of a shoot out against Columbus, but it did little to douse the wildfire of fandom that has spread through the region. Atlanta has proved game after game that we will show up for our FC, and break all sorts of records doing it.

If you somehow hadn't heard, Atlanta United fans have constantly broken records for attendance to games. 72,000 people attended a single game last year, breaking the Major League Soccer record for biggest crowd. Do you know who had the previous record? Atlanta United."

Never underestimate the dedication of a true Atlanta United fan.

And, if you ask us at The Icebox, our second season is shaping up pretty well so far. Atlanta United is first in the Eastern Conference, and there's nowhere to go but up.

We're sure you're just as stoked as we are for the rest of this season. We hope to see you out in the games and helping us cheer on the best MLS team in the country.

And, as always, if you need some of the coolest swag in town for your business, or just want to talk about Atlanta United, hit us up! We are always down to chat about either.

Go Five Stripes!

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