Mar 23, 2018

Why Luxury Gifting Should be Part of Your Promotions Strategy

Corporate gifting is a critical part of any marketer’s customer experience strategy, and a high-growth sales strategy should include budget for prospecting gifts. If your target audience includes management-level prospects and customers—especially those in the executive ranks—then your promotional strategy must include luxury gifts.

The global market for luxury goods—items like drinks, fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, watches, jewelry, luggage, and handbags—has been steadily and inarguably on the rise for the past decade. As consumers earn more and increase their purchasing power, they learn to value the beauty and quality of luxury goods. When you have your logo printed, stamped, or embroidered on a luxury item, you’re aligning your brand ideals with qualities like longevity, reliability, exclusivity, and attractiveness. When you’re marketing to executives, who are often high earners, you face a seemingly insurmountable task of standing out amongst all the other business and brands vying for their attention and purchasing power. Luxury goods have high perceived value, and co-branding with a known luxury brand can increase the perceived quality of your brand.

As any good financier would argue—diversifying your assets is key. We’re not suggesting you throw your entire marketing budget toward luxury gifts. But you should set aside some of it. While luxury goods do come at a higher price per unit, the minimum order restrictions are typically much lower—with many not even requiring a minimum order. For instance, if you’re taking an account-based approach to your prospecting and targeting five key decision makers, it’s a great idea to order five high-end luxury items, like cufflinks or wireless headphones, to augment your outreach efforts. Or, if you want to ensure your three best accounts sign up to renew for another year of your service, you might order three custom Bluetooth speakers. We have plenty of great ideas for you.

Every good marketer knows that promotional items are an important part of your overall strategy for building brand awareness and increasing impressions. Selecting great products to align your brand with can be challenging—there are seemingly innumerable options across endless categories and price points. But this is a huge part of why we love what we do. We love helping our customers find the perfect swag for their marketing campaigns and events.

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