Mar 30, 2018

Curativity: It’s What We Do

Hey friends! Ping here. Today I want to tell you about a concept we have been very excited about here at The Icebox: “Curativity.”

I know what you’re thinking—that seems like a made-up word. Well, you’re right. We made it up. And now we finally have a word to define our special brand of mojo—and we love it.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to put into words exactly how much value we bring to our clients. Sourcing promotional products and branded apparel can quickly become overwhelming. The choices and options seem endless. It’s so easy just to quickly find a product that seems to meet your current needs and order it in bulk with a generic screenprint of your logo. But when you do that, you’re missing so much potential opportunity to show off your brand in a more creative, memorable way. The problem is—curating the coolest, trendiest products to add your carefully protected branding to is time consuming, and it’s a distraction from your everyday responsibilities.

But that’s why we’re here!

We know swag. We love swag. We shout our swag love from the rooftops. We’re bold. We’re fearless. We know cool.

All for you.

We curate creative promotional products on your behalf—Curativity. And our services are complimentary for our customers—straight value. We live and breathe this mission and idea every day, because we see how much our expertise and passion help our clients in meaningful, powerful ways!

When we source your swag, we consider your brand, your story, and your goals. We think about your current needs and what your future needs will be. We think about tried and true tactics, along with innovative new ideas to help your brand gain impressions. We think about materials. We think about artisanship. We think about budget. We think about value.

We think about you.

It’s Curativity, baby! And it’s what we’re all about.

Contact the Creative Experts at The Icebox today to learn more about our philosophy and approach. We can’t wait to bring our Curativity to your team.

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