Oct 3, 2017

Stay Warm and Look Cool with Outerwear

While everyone may own a jacket or hat that was purchased from a retail brand, the likelihood of a consumer owning outerwear from a business he or she patronizes is slim. In fact, only 50% of U.S. consumers own promotional outerwear. This is a major opportunity for your brand to stand out in a creative way.

The 2016 impressions study by the Advertising Specialties Institute shows that outerwear is kept longer than other promotional products because it is useful, attractive and enjoyable to have. More importantly, nearly half of outwear recipients are willing to do business with the advertiser and almost 90% think favorably about the advertiser after receiving outerwear.

Fall is officially here, but there is still time left to order branded outerwear before the weather gets cold.

When you think of outerwear, jackets come to mind. No matter where you are located, options for size, style and material make jackets the perfect choice for different climates, customers, and budgets. (When in doubt, buy fleece.)

Jackets also happen to have the best brand impression of any outerwear product. Nearly 85% of people who own promotional jackets can recall the logos on them.

You can also consider a hoodie or sweatshirt. These items are comfortable and still have the perfect amount of space for your logo, message, or artwork.

Beanies have been trending in sports merchandise and are increasingly popular in apparel. There are many ways to customize beanies to your brand and target audience. Whether you are selling them in a gift shop or giving them away at an event, you will remain top of mind!

Add some color and fun to any outfit with a promotional scarf made of wool, fleece, cotton, or polyester. It can be paired as a set with a beanie and/or gloves. Whatever you decide, your employees and customers will be happy to carry it along wherever they go for winter and fall.

Put your brand in good hands. Buy custom gloves for sports, safety, gardening, or a cold day. They can be made with acrylic, cotton, fleece, leather, and more.

Whatever your outwear needs, count on the creative experts at The Icebox to ensure your clients look cool while staying warm!


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