Apr 23, 2017

Mix Fabrics for Cool and Fashionable Swag

Mix and Match Textures and Patterns for Branded Swag that Showcases Your Style

Hey there! Ping here. We’re right in the middle of a beautiful Spring here at The Icebox HQ in Atlanta, and the blossoming trees and blooming flowers have inspired my style this season. Have you ever looked at a tree and noticed how the dark color and hard texture of the bark complements the lush green, soft and shiny leaves? These contrasting visuals create such harmony together.

Many of the world’s most fashionable designers integrate multiple colors, textures, and prints into their looks. But mixing textures and fabrics can be a challenge; how do you know what looks cool together and what looks like a mess? This ultimately comes down to personal preference, but there are three rules we generally abide by when it comes to creative clashing.
  1. Keep contrasting textures and fabrics in the same color family.
  2. Pair mixed prints with neutrals, and use the neutral pieces to break up the prints.
  3. When mixing prints, choose one print to dominate and one to accent the look.
Tweed and velvet, denim and linen, cotton and leather—these are all stylishly contrasting combinations we’re accustomed to incorporating into our personal wardrobes. So why not take this approach to your swag selection?

We’re seeing some awesome two-tone apparel and mixed-fabric pieces that we love. Show off your brand’s style and give your clients fashion-friendly wardrobe pieces. We’ve compiled some great examples below, and our creative experts and apparel gurus are standing by, ready to pair you with the perfect swag selection. Contact our team today if you’re curious to learn more!

NIKE Golf: Stretch Woven Front mixed with Knit Back

DISTRICT: Cotton/Poly Jersey Knit Tank combined with Microburn Racerback

SPORT-TEK" Welded Mesh Texture joins Solid Tech Fleece

OGIO: Fleece merges with Water-Resistant, Quilted Woven Overlays

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