Jan 15, 2017

Employee Appreciation: Show Your Gratitude with Cool Swag

Thinking Outside the Box to Build Loyalty Among 

Hi everyone, it’s Ping here. I love coming to work every day. The work we do here at The Icebox is highly fulfilling and fun. But do you want to know the number one reason I love working here? My colleagues are always letting me know how appreciated I am. It sounds silly, but those little pats on the back add up over time and give this ice-cold snowbird the warm fuzzies inside. I’m not alone, A study by Cicero Group shows that 50% of the employees surveyed believe being thanked by managers not only improved their relationships, but also built trust with their higher ups.

This mindset is especially important when working with millennials. Millennials were raised in an economy where companies like Apple and Google reign supreme. This generation can easily navigate a competitive environment built on innovation and growth. While this makes them valuable when driving companies toward new goals, it also makes them susceptible to turnover, as they constantly strive to grow and move up. The average tenure of a millennial at a company is two years; so how do you create loyalty among these millennials from the beginning? Show them that you see them as more than just a cog in a big machine by recognizing their efforts!

Millennials possess a keen ability to innovate and think outside of the box to solve problems. They’re known for fresh ideas, so an ordinary gift won’t always cut it for this innovative crew. They want products and gifts that align with their ways of thinking and lifestyles. When they can have state-of-the-art technology outside of the office, they don’t want to switch gears inside of the office. Imagine the impressions that your brand would receive from giving a top performer a traveling Bluetooth speaker, versus a plaque or certificate. By giving quality gifts, you are building brand awareness and brand loyalty simultaneously.

Here’s another great idea: why just show employee appreciation at the end of the year or after a milestone is met? Why not start the appreciation from day one with a welcome gift for new employees? Let your new hires know up front what they can expect from you as an employer—gratitude for a job well done.

When you show your employees that you are as invested in them as they are in your business, it leaves a lasting impression. This method of employee engagement may cost more than bringing in bagels to the break room on a Friday morning (although I also recommend this—delicious), but a reusable vacuum insulated water bottle will stick around a lot longer!

For more great ideas for using swag to show appreciation to your employees, reach out to our Creative Solutions Experts. We know the millennial market better than anyone, and we'll show you the latest tech and trends to make any employee feel valued!

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