Dec 27, 2017

3 New Year's Resolutions for the Modern Marketer

How to Prioritize Innovation and Creativity in the New Year

Happy New Year, friends! It’s Ping here. I am getting back into the swing of things at The Icebox after a nice holiday break. I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends.

A new year always brings feelings of promise and optimism – there’s something special about a chance for a fresh start. For the modern marketer, change is a constant. Yet, all the marketing professionals I talk to face the same challenge: it’s hard to prioritize innovation and creativity when it’s taking everything you’ve got just to keep your projects moving.

As the King of Cool here at The Icebox, I know a lot about innovation and creativity when it comes to promoting your brand. So I’ve put together 3 New Year’s resolutions for the modern marketer. Learn from our experience, and make this new year your most creative one yet!

Resolution #1: Open Your Mind to Creative Swag Ideas
You have your go-to swag orders – all marketers do. Your pens, koozies, mints, etc. To start your year off right, contact your Icebox Creative Solutions Expert and have a strategic conversation about your company’s goals for the year. Schedule a meeting to talk more about your target audience, what types of events you will be attending, and how you intend to promote your brand using swag. We’ll present you with creative ideas at every price point, and you’ll take all the credit for the new ways in which your brand will get noticed!

Resolution #2: Remember Your Best Brand Ambassadors Are Your Employees
If you’re not outfitting your team with branded apparel and swag, you’re missing an opportunity to leverage your company’s most valuable brand ambassadors. Whether it’s new jackets for the winter months, wovens and polos for upcoming tradeshows or client visits, headwear for hanging out at the park, cool drinkware, or useful office supplies, your employees will relish the opportunity to represent your brand in any setting. Keep morale strong with swag!

Resolution #3: Leverage the Creative Energy of the Icebox Art Department
Your brand guide is your armor. No one messes with your logo and gets away with it. And while that mindset promotes consistency and ensures quality in your communications, it’s sometimes fun to color outside the lines if the project allows for it. If you’re planning a cool event or participating in a charity initiative—or if you just want to mix it up for any reason—you can rely on the Icebox Art Department. Our team of designers can create beautiful, creative designs for your swag orders while remaining true to your brand standards. You can focus on your project milestones and leave the brand innovation to us!

“Since we started working with The Icebox, we’ve taken our branding to a new level—especially internally. I’ve seen the enthusiasm for our brand amongst our employees increase since we started implementing the creative ideas brought to us by The Icebox. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see multiple employees wearing or using branded gear, and it really does make a big impact.” – Mandy Glidewell, Director of Marketing at ADAPTURE

Collaborating with The Icebox means taking a step toward brand amplification and innovation without adding tasks to your to-do lists. It’s just the way we do business.  So start the new year out right and reach out to our Creative Solutions Experts. We’re ready to bring fresh energy and a creative perspective to your branding initiatives in the new year!

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