Oct 19, 2016

The Science of Holiday Gift Giving

Hi everyone, Ping here. I know it’s hard to believe, but here at The Icebox we are already thinking about the holidays! With Q4 well underway, now is the time to start procuring those year-end tokens of appreciation.

As I’ve travelled around helping people learn more about the world of swag, I’ve noticed that many people have some strong misconceptions about gifting in the corporate world. Some people believe it’s simply a waste of money to give holiday gifts, that most people in the business world are so focused on their jobs that gifts don’t really matter. But I recently ran across an article that makes a pretty compelling case for the importance of gift giving, in it the writer says:

“…Those packages you see lying under the Christmas tree aren’t just presents but symbolic markers… Yes, you heard me right: Symbols of both relationships and the self. That’s why we all remember the gifts we’ve been given—the good, the bad, and the genuinely ugly—because we understand them as revealing the nature of the connections we have with others. In his seminal article, “The Social Psychology of Gifts,” Barry Schwartz writes that “Gifts are one of the ways in which the pictures others have of us are transmitted.” Of course, the gift doesn’t just reveal the image the giver has of you; it exposes the character and the thinking of the giver as well.”

What does it all mean? Gifts truly are one of the ways we measure how important we are to others; it’s SCIENCE!

Here’s the crux of what I’m saying: giving a gift is a lot like planning a date. If you put in thought and effort to cater your date to the other person’s interests and personality, you’re going to have a fabulous night. But sloppily throw together some last-minute cookie cutter plans, and you’ll probably wind up with one sour dinner companion for the evening.

So if it truly is the thought that counts, what are some sure-fire ways to surprise and delight your favorite customers and clients this holiday season? As always, I’ve got some super cool recommendations.

Snack Boxes

If you’re looking to please a crowd with a variety of tastes, you can’t go wrong with our delicious three-tiered snack boxes. Choose from an assortment of sweet and savory treats to satisfy everyone in the office.

snack boxes

Thoughtful Novelty Items

A gift need not be expensive to be appreciated. Show your customers that you’re thinking of them by giving a gift that is useful, makes their lives easier, or solves a problem for them in a unique and innovative way. I love these custom imprinted to-go cup facial tissues: perfect for stashing in a cup holder as you fight those winter sniffles!

Thoughtful Novelty Items

High-End Treats

Here at The Icebox, we carry many gourmet cult favorites in the sweet treats department. Make an annual tradition of providing your customers with a scrumptious box of goodies, and they’ll be anxiously awaiting your gift every holiday season!

High End Treats

So now you have no excuse not to get started on your holiday gift giving list! Cater to the personalities and needs of your customers, and you’ll leave a positive impression that will stick with them long after the tinsel and lights come down. Holiday gift ordering season is now in full swing, so contact us now to get started!

Visit our website for more helpful tools for choosing the perfect gift. The holidays will be here before you know it!

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