Oct 12, 2016

Keeping it Cool with Koozies

Hi everyone. It’s Ping here.

It’s football season, and you know what that means: lots of tailgating. And no right-minded penguin attends one of those shindigs without a trusty koozie in hand. The koozie seems like such a simple invention: an insulated wrap tasked with keeping your beverages cool, but with new technology and trends on the rise, the koozie of today is an ever-evolving must-have accessory, far from the bulky boring can cuddlers of days past.

While the Aussies are credited with the invention of the koozie in the 1970’s, it was Bonnie McGough of Caldwell, Idaho who filed a patent in 1981 for what we now know as the modern day koozie. The original design featured an elastic band at the top and goose down to help keep the beverage insulated. Luckily for the birds of the world, the whole feather thing didn’t really catch on, and designers near and far continued carrying on the mission of crafting the perfect koozie. Nowadays, there’s a beverage insulator for practically every beverage size and type that you can imagine.
Collapsible Koozies
Perfect for anyone on-the-go, these beverage insulators fold up and can easily be tucked away in a pocket or bag. Also great for camping!

Beer Bottle Koozies
Who says koozies are just for cans? Bottles need some love too! Whether you’re sipping on a cold beer, a frosty root beer, or a tongue-tingling soda, bottle koozies can help you stay chill even in the heat of the summer.

Can Koozies
It’s true; cans never stay cool as long as bottles do. So having a can koozie is very important if you’re into living the frosty life like me. Trust me, a warm drink is a major party foul around my neighborhood.
The last few years have seen many advances in the koozie world, with tons of unique and unmistakable new products hitting the market, so if you’re looking for something that pushes beyond your normal everyday giveaway, we here at The Icebox have you covered.

A few of my newest faves include:

Growler Koozies
The koozie has gone XXL with this niche item perfect for beer lovers and party goers alike. Perfect for keeping a beer growler or jug of punch nice and chilly for a full night of festivities.

Wine Koozies
If you’re looking to elevate the classiness factor, a wine koozie is the perfect choice. With just the right balance of refinement and practicality, this makes for an unforgettable giveaway item.

Wine Glass Koozies
Perhaps you don’t need to keep the whole bottle chilled, but even the crispest wine can taste heavy after basking in just a few minutes of summer sun. These fun wine glass wrappers are sure to be a crowd favorite amongst the wannabe sommeliers in your crowd.

Burlap Koozies
You don’t have to be a Pinterest fiend to know that burlap is a totally hot trend! This rustic, eco-chic fabric is the perfect non-traditional choice for a koozie material.

Uniquely Shaped Koozies
Speaking of non-traditional, this koozie turns the idea that all beverage insulators need be simple and round on its head! Crafting a koozie in a fun shape that underscores your brand’s message will leave a lasting impression with recipients.

Stubby Strip
Share the gift of cool brews with friends! This handy new gadget can keep a whole six pack insulated and ready to go. When not in use, it folds flat for easy packing and storage.

Now why do koozies work so well as giveaway items, you ask? These versatile, highly useful items are true staples of American culture. They solve the problem of keeping drinks cold on a hot day and warm on a cool day. The branding and design of a koozie are what make a social statement; the koozie you carry at your next party can be just as much a statement accessory as your shoes or your watch. And koozies can be a great vehicle for communicating a message. Tuck a business card inside, and you’ve got a unique way to deliver your card in a way your prospect won’t forget.

For a simple yet impactful way to get your message across with a giveaway item your prospects are sure to use again and again, look no further than my buddy, the koozie. We here at The Icebox can source the most unique and innovative koozies on the market. Don’t let lukewarm beverages be a part of your world, contact one of our Creative Experts to learn more about the many options we have available today.

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