Oct 26, 2016

Food as a Giveaway (Yum!)

Hi everyone, Ping here.

We here at The Icebox are busy bees (or shall I say, penguins?) these days. Around the office, we’re hard at work getting ready for the crazy/amazing holiday season. It stands to reason that during the season of giving gifts to family and friends, you shouldn’t leave out your employees, clients, and vendors--but how do you please everyone? Being the expert that I am, I’ve got lots of cool tips and secrets, and luckily for you I’m letting you in on one today. I know the perfect gift that will please any crowd regardless of age, creed, or personality.

It’s food.
Who can resist food? If you’re not already standing up in agreement with me, hear me out and check out some of my top reasons why food is key to a super cool giveaway.

Food is a year-round commodity.
Of course we’re all about the holidays right now at The Icebox, but food knows no season. Whether it’s a set of gourmet coffee in the fall, a bag of tangy jelly beans in the summer, or a sweet box of chocolates in the winter (my personal fave), there are plenty of great options to correlate with the current season or nearest holiday. Food offers an awesome way to get creative and present the recipient with something timely.

Food gift options are available in any price point.
Whether you’re looking to blow a small group of clients away with a high end gourmet treat, or shower 1,000 of your employees with a small token of thanks, there’s an edible option for any price point. With gifts as small as a single cookie or truffle up to large buckets of popcorn or snack towers, you’re sure to find a plethora of options that suit your needs and budget.

Food facilitates familiarity.
Say that five times fast! Did you know that The Icebox offers brand name food items? Imagine your brand being associated with household names like Godiva, Jelly Belly, Lindt, and more! When you couple your brand with brands your clients already know and love, it not only elevates their impression of your organization, it also helps breed trust and familiarity--and it’s delicious!

Food is highly customizable.
Do you need a bag of jelly beans specifically matched to your brand’s colors? Would you like a chocolate bar molded into the shape of your company mascot? How about mints in a custom designed full-color tin that correlates with your latest campaign? All of these things and so so much more are possible with food. Customize your recipient’s experience not only in the presentation and packaging of the gift, but also in the gift itself! With myriad options including nutty, chewy, crunchy, salty, gummy, and healthy, you’ll find a gift that is not only delicious but also expresses your message deliciously too!

I think we can all agree that food is a wonderful thing. When it comes to spreading your message, showing gratitude, or recognizing top performers, consider food for your next giveaway. I can assure you, your recipients will thank you.

To learn more about how you can create a custom branded food experience, contact one of our Creative Experts today!

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