Nov 2, 2015

A Uniform is More Than Just a Uniform

A well-designed uniform packs a powerful punch.  Whether you’re creating polos for customer service reps or designing custom aprons for your deli counter team, get your creative gears moving as it's time to start thinking of a uniform as more than just a uniform.

Uniforms Extend Your Brand

Branding is more than packaging, advertising, social media and the look and feel of a website. Considering the attention paid to the store layout, décor and signage, it’s easy to forget how important employee uniforms are. The impression your team makes is huge.

That’s where uniforms come into play. A t-shirt can’t do it all, but it will help people recognize your organization. A well-crafted uniform can actually help define your brand.

Apple is a perfect example of this. Even though their uniforms are branded, the design is subtle and stylish. Additionally, when you make clothing that looks good, non-employees will want to wear it around — even if it’s part of a uniform.

Uniforms Boost Employee Happiness

A uniform that looks good isn’t just a matter of branding and free advertising. A stylish and comfortable uniform is one that employees actually want to wear and instills pride in their work. It can be as simple as a baseball cap or as complex as a flight attendant’s outfit.

Design with your employees in mind. It will boost employee morale and establish a greater sense of belonging within the company.  In turn, employees who are happier at work provide customers with better experiences.  Along with the benefit of happy customers, uniforms mean employees don’t have to buy clothes for work. This can help save a substantial amount of money for your team.

Lastly, company-provided uniforms can be a massive help for jobs with safety requirements. Scrubs and personal protection equipment can be standardized across an entire company, saving employees money and helping prevent accidents caused by having unregulated gear.

Uniforms Improve Customer Experiences
We can’t forget the customer experience. After all, without customers, your business wouldn’t exist. Making their experiences easier and more meaningful should be top priority for organizations across the board.  Uniforms are one of the most cost-effective ways to do this.

Why you ask? Let’s look at Best Buy as an example.  Walk into a Best Buy and it’s likely packed with customers testing out everything and anything. This could be a chaotic mess. Yet, it works. The reason why lies in the iconic blue shirts every employee wears.  Customers immediately know that when they see someone walking around, even amid the chaos, in the "Best Buy Blue" that they are a store employee and can quickly get assistance if they need something.  This satisfaction increases the customer experience and customers are more likely to shop there again.

Believe it or not, this isn't a unique tactic.  More and more businesses are recognizing that one of the most important aspects of designing a uniform is creating something that’s easily identifiable. That’s why some grocery stores have employees wear aprons and why Target employees all wear red. It makes it possible for customers — who are already busy — to quickly identify people in charge. Whether it’s for a customer service question or an emergency of some sort, knowing whom to talk to will definitely help your customers out.

Let Us Help You Get Started
Looking to re-evaluate your current uniforms but not sure how to go about it? The Icebox is here to help! We can design, fulfill, ship, store and source any and all of your uniform needs. Let us know what help you need and we’ll make sure the process is as simple and helpful as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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