Oct 19, 2015

The Freshest & Newest Ideas for Your Company Swag from Swagology

The Coolest Products and Trends from Swagology

Our first-ever Swagology is in the books! Hundreds of our clients stopped by to check out the latest and greatest in company swag — all showcased by 25 hand-selected vendor-partners. 

The historic 1880 Trolley Barn in Atlanta’s Inman Park neighborhood served as an idyllic setting to share the future of swag. To keep track of our favorite finds and share the spirit of Swagology with everyone who couldn’t attend, here’s a rundown of a few of the coolest products we came across throughout the day. Enjoy!

The World of Athleisure

Customizable clothing is a staple of the swag industry.

The latest trend in customizable clothing falls between corporate wear and fundraising apparel. It’s a thing called “athleisure,” and it’s all about looking good while staying fit. Here are some standouts from branded athleisure.

This is the belt you always wanted but never knew you needed. Made from snowmobile-grade thermoplastic (yes, you read that right), these fully customizable belts are highly durable and made to take a beating.

Mix and match colors to your heart’s content with these one-size-fits-all designs. Need something printed on the belt in specific colors? No problem at all — that comes standard. Best of all, these belts give back to the charity of your choice. How cool is that? 

This jacket from SanMar is the poster child of modern athleisure. Remember the “heather movement” from a while back? It led to the birth of interwoven fabrics and muted, textured color design. Digi stripe takes that design a step further.

The Digi Stripe Fleece Jacket bridges comfort, style and versatility. We can’t emphasize enough how comfortable this jacket is. And with three zipped pockets and full customization options, it’s built for anything.

Trimark’s Okapi Knit Jacket goes wherever you need it to go and says whatever you need to say. Want to toss on a heat-transferred design? No problem. Want to go with laser printing or embroidery? Those options work, too.

This popular piece of athleisure wear packs all the usual benefits of athletic wear with the customizability of the greatest corporate uniforms. Just choose a base color and dig into the variety of available branding options.

New & Cool Promotional Products for 2016

Coolers have arrived in the world of promotional products. They’re perfect because they actually fulfill a need and get your name or brand in front of people — especially at outdoor events.
This one from Showdown Displays comes with a truly unique feature: interchangeable cooler wraps.

The form-fitting covers are designed to fit Coleman coolers perfectly without getting in the way of everyday use. These dye sublimated wraps are machine washable, meaning you can take the coolers wherever you want without any fear of ruining your product. 

These sunglasses from Hit Promotional Products combine sun-protecting eye wear with a bottle opener. Two seemingly unrelated features joined together in a seamlessly intuitive way.

Sunglasses are often used as promotional products. That’s for good reason: people use them. And with these sunglasses, you’re bound to make more than a few heads turn.

The glasses pack the usual customization options: various base colors, standard silk-screen colors, UV400 lenses providing full UVA and UVB protection and the option for multi-color printing.

Customizable Power Banks and Chargers

Battery life is the bane of mobile tech. We have amazing technology at our fingertips — we just can’t keep it charged. Thankfully power banks and chargers have made dead battery fear a thing of the past.

In the past few years, we’ve seen battery packs become major players in the world of company swag. These customizable lifesavers are a surefire way to get your brand in the hands of people across the world.

Power banks and chargers were everywhere at Swagology. However, there were two products from Sweden-based company BrandCharger that really caught our attention.

An LED back light illuminates a company’s printed logo, making this charger a striking, yet useful flashlight and charger.

Ranging from 2200-5200 mAh, these chargers run the whole gamut in terms of price and versatility — not to mention they’re compatible with any USB-based charger. 

BrandCharger BC2 Sound USB Car Charger

This car charger allows you to program up to 20 seconds of customized audio that will play at the beginning of every charge. Have a catchy brand jingle people will recognize? Or maybe a brand message you want people to hear? So long as it fits the 20-second window, creative freedom is all yours!

The car charger comes with two USB ports capable of charging two tablets or mobile devices at once.

Looking Forward

We saw a lot of awesome products at Swagology, and there’s no way we could recap every piece from every vendor. All we can say is the new trends in swag are something worth getting excited about.

And thanks again to everyone who came out. If you missed the event, make sure to stop in for our next one!

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