Dec 12, 2014

BEST OF 2014 Promo Items and Trends!

As we look back over the past year we would like to look back at some of the more popular items and trends that we that we recognized that worked.

1. "You have got the POWER"

External power banks for cell phones were a huge hit this past year and they will continue to be a great item.

2. Cell Accessories

Anything from the cell wallet, water proof case, to charging cables and adapter's make for great promotions as everyone most used tool is their cell phone.

3. "Let's be Clear!"

Clear and transparent is always a good policy and in 2014 it was HOT! Backpacks, cosmetic bags, totes were all big sellers. The best part is the TSA. You have nothing to hide!

4. 2014 Year of the MASON Jar!

Any thing Mason Jar shaped took over the drinkware world by storm this year.  The traditional jar was re purposed into beautiful modern drinkware that gives us the beauty of design and the functionality of modern convenience.

5. "Shades" Sunglasses were a ray of light in 2014

Wayfarer and aviator style glasses in bright and classic were a big ray of light in 14. They will continue to be a great item because everyone looks cool in "Shades!"

6. USB Thumb Drives

Whether you want to put info about your company or you just want a way to transfer data. These little fellas are always handy to have. Great gift item for any one that works with technology. These can be made into custom shapes as well.

7. Headsets and Ear Buds

The ear bud and headset were by far one of the best selling items of 2014. These are all customizable and are a great way to feature your brand. If you are trying to make your brand "cool" these should help do the trick.

8. Mini Bluetooth Speakers

Keep the music playing with these mini blue tooth speakers. They have great sound and are portable as well.

9. Moleskin Journals

Believe it or not, some people still prefer to write things down. These sleek and beautiful journals are a great way to reflect or take notes.

10. Tote and Bags
A staple give away in any situation Totes and Bags remained popular and will continue to be a best seller into 2015. Here are some of the new styles from 2014 that were a big hit.

While these items made a big impact in 2014, we expect them to continue their popularity through 2015. If you need help maximizing your brand, please call and speak to a branding specialist.

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