Oct 23, 2014



9 items to help make your life and job easier!

2 in 1 Box cutter and Marker in one!

Great for building, shipping, and design industries. 4-section retractable blade with locking slide. The other end of the pen is a felt-tip permanent marker with cap-off design.

  Extendable Back Scratcher

Easily extends to 20". Great to use for hard to reach spots on your back! #5920

Clip It Light

Designed to fit or clip to a pen, tools, or any flat surface for brighter viewing. #2943

Carabiner USB 2.0 Flash Drive

"Clip" with the carabiner USB 2.0 flash drive! Measuring 3 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 5/8", this stainless steel, USB flash drive features a design that includes a handy carabiner clip. Always have the storage you need clipped to you!
#: 31575, 31576, 31577, 31578, 31573, 31574 

  Bendable Tri-Pod Flashlight

Powerful LED work light that is portable and has magnetic legs. It can provide much needed light to every task. #2947

Pop Up Lantern

3 setting lantern that provides a powerful LED light. It is great of anytime light is needed. #2948

The Stick Power Charger 2200 mAH

The stick power charger 2200 mAH. Slimline charger is super-handy and can save the day while on the go! Charging cable included.  # TEK114

  Bluetooth Item Finder

Bluetooth Item Finder. Are you that person who is always misplacing keys or your cell phone? Well stop all that frustrating searching with our new Bluetooth item finder. Just download the app on your phone and never worry about losing your items again! CHP113



Touchscreen gloves, stretchy acrylic black knit, special conductive silver thread on first fingers & thumbs, medium weight. Use any touchscreen device without taking your gloves off! #374

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