May 22, 2013

What's your Reason?

The Icebox is pleased and inspired to partner with The Shepherd Center on their "reasons" campaign. April was "No Distracted Driving Month" and nobody knows better than Shepherd Center that car accidents are the number one reason for brain and spinal cord injury. Shepherd Center dreams of a nationwide movement where awareness for this bad habit becomes top of mind. Taking on the philosophy there is no better way to start a movement then to begin in your own backyard they began their campaign with their own 1,400 employees.

Shepherd Center kicked off the campaign by giving their employees an opportunity to sign a pledge promising no distracted driving and declaring their reason for driving safely. The reasons ranged from three day weekends, to going home to their dvr recordings, to snuggle time with their children. In each case it was a personal reason that touched the heart of the employee and was sure to help keep staying safe on the road top of mind. They continued their week with employee education events and ended every day with a friendly reminder made up of vibrant floor and window decals that lead out to the parking garage and reminded them to arrive safe to their "reason."

Shepherd Center encourages use of this campaign to all employers' by going to you may download the campaign and customize it with your own company logo. The Icebox is taking the pledge with our employees and we would be proud to support your organization by providing pledge cards and signage that will remind your employees to avoid distracted driving.

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