Feb 26, 2013

It's Award Season...

It's award season. This time of year, Sunday nights are full of red carpets, bling, glamour and recognition.

In the real world, it is also that time of year to honor those that have done great work over the past 12 months. The Icebox can source unique and memorable awards for you. Our swag fanatics will leverage their vast knowledge and years of experience in the industry to source awards that will stand out.
Things you never want your award recipients to say:
"I have worked really hard to be recognized. This cheap reward is their way of saying thanks?"
"I appreciate the recognition but I wish I got a cool award that I was proud to display."
"Another dust collector..."
"I guess I have to display this so when the boss thinks I like it."

An award is a symbol and reminder of recognition. Go the extra mile and honor great work with a unique award that will be cherished. Contact our swag fanatics today.

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