Aug 7, 2012

How to Create a Memorable Picnic: Pick a Theme

August is National Picnic Month and we are giving you tips on making lasting picnic memories. Pick a picnic theme and then decorate and make dishes around that theme. Here are some theme ideas for your next stellar picnic.

1.) Getting Back to Basics.

This is basic, country picnicking at its finest. Be sure to pack a cloth and matching napkins in the classic red checkered pattern. Include foods like chicken salad, cornbread, strawberry shortcake and sweet tea. I especially enjoy the old mason jars as drinking glasses and food containers. Remember that you are getting back to the basics and enjoying nature!

2.) Red, White and Blue.

Be patriotic and pick picnic essentials that are red, white and blue. Incorporate all three colors in a centerpiece using inventive items or flowers. This is a hot dog, hamburger, potato salad and s'mores type of meal. Create a lasting impression by using kicked-up deviled eggs. Here's how: after boiling, crack the shells but do not peel. Mix up a bowl of red food coloring and blue food coloring. Place the eggs in the food coloring bowls and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. The next day, peel eggs and mix up your favorite deviled egg recipe. The result is tie-dyed red, white and blue deviled eggs that will be the hit of the picnic.
3.) Kid's Favorite.

Pick a picnic theme based on your child's favorite movie or sport. They will love a picnic centered on their athlete, team, superhero or princess. Name dishes after characters and themes of the movie, such as Tangled pasta, Toothless pudding, Hockey Puck pie or Spider eggs. Use themed sheets or blankets as a picnic cloth and don't forget to bring games that everyone will love!

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