Jun 11, 2012

Potent Promo Products? Digitize the Prize!

Give 'em what they want. Makes sense, no matter what business you're in. If you don't offer products or services people absolutely need, then you spend a lot of time and money making them want what you've got, right? So your promotional gifts should make current and potential customers remember you to help seal the deal. How do you choose a sure-fire promotion that gets the response you want? The Icebox has what you need! I'm talking about Digital Rewards!

Let the 'Net Work for You!

Like you, your customers turn to the Internet for everything. Consider this: global research and advisory firm Forrester.com reports "more than 80% of US households have some type of PC, and almost half have more than one. About 77% of Gen X has a desktop PC at home, and 61%, a laptop." The digital life--certainly the ultimate convenience--engages consumers from every demographic and customer profile. There is virtually nothing a consumer can't buy on the Internet. Why not profit from this reality with Digital Rewards Cards? The Icebox can help you create promotional campaigns that integrate your brand or message with
valuable online content.

Like What?

Things people want and use! Music downloads, movie tickets, magazine subscriptions, fitness downloads for workouts, e-book downloads, photo print cards, dining certificates, hotel rewards cards, prepaid phone cards, pizza cards and more. You don't even have to be the one to decide what your customers might want. There's a "digital choice" card that lets recipients choose a gift that suits their interest and lifestyle!


Something Cool, Something Keen, Something Caring, Something Green...

Here at The Icebox, we're diligent about our commitment to the environment, so we're especially excited to offer the Digital Rewards Card that allows your customers to plant a tree! If you're looking for a way to demonstrate your dedication to the future of our planet, the Plant a Tree rewards card is the way to go! Printed on recycled or seed-embedded paper that grows wildflowers when planted, Plant a Tree Cards donate a tree to a global re-forestation project when they're redeemed.
How's the future of your business looking now?


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