Jun 8, 2012

Curvy Customers Only? Be a Brilliant PromoteHER with These Five Ideas!

Do you own a dress shop, hair salon, women-only fitness center, beauty supply store, lingerie shop, an OB/GYN practice or another business focused solely on women? I don't, but I do know what makes a business memorable for me: it's absolutely the little things that count.

I'll remember that there was a bowl of candies on the counter (okay, probably not at the fitness center), a completely private fitting room, the offer of a beverage, a call-back asking if I'm happy with the haircut. I'll walk out of a lingerie shop with a few frilly things in a bag with your logo on it and throw it away as soon as I get home. Not the frilly stuff--the bag. Wouldn't you like a way to stay on the mind of a customer longer than a ride from your business to her home? A well-chosen promotional gift as a parting perk has the power to bring her back, perhaps with a friend or two next time. Let's look at a few great ideas for cost-effective giveaways just for girls! Add your logo--and they're ready to go to work for you!

Breast Cancer Awareness Key Chain

The fight goes on, and awareness is key to winning. I can see these key chains in a big bowl on the check-out counter at an OB/GYN doc's office, but this promotional item goes over big anywhere women frequent. It's that important. And women often use more than one key chain. I have one just to hold all my mini perk cards from grocery stores, pet stores, etc.

Reusable Hot & Cold Pack

Women-only fitness centers have popped all over the country! If you own one of these places, and you're going to stretch and strain your new customer's body until she begs for mercy, the least you can do is welcome her with a thank-you gift that makes her feel somewhat better after the torture you'll be putting her through. She be more likely to come back for more!


Women love flowers, so I really dig this promotional product idea for any women-centric biz! You're probably asking yourself, "Why on earth would this plastic vase be a handy item to have around?" Let's say you and your family go on vacation. A few flowers can brighten up any drab hotel room. The vase folds flat, so it's easy to pack. When you get where you're going, buy a few flowers at a nearby grocery store, fill the vase with water--you get where I'm going. Still not convinced? What about those times you're taking flowers to someone for a special occasion or a hospital visit? Fill this vase with water and keep the flowers full and fresh during the ride. You can hydrate the greenery in the lobby with the water from the vase.


Inexpensive and always appreciated in all four seasons, but especially summer and winter, which can be brutal on lips. You'll have your brand right before her eyes more often than you can possibly imagine, because the chapstick  with your name on it will go everywhere she goes!

Recycled Tote

Before you get the wrong idea from the name of this item, let me assure you the totes you give your grateful customers have not been previously owned. They're made from 50% recycled material, and, as Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing." What's that you say? Everyone and his brother give tote bags as promotional items? Oddly enough, that's also a good thing. I take my awesome collection of durable tote bags to the grocery store so I don't have to use paper or plastic. The more groceries I buy, the more tote bags I need to get them home, and I've done something good for the environment. Don't underestimate the value of the ubiquitous tote bag. And there your brand sits for all to see, on the check-out counter in a busy grocery store.

I'll close with a little tip. Women can boost your sales big time if they like your product or service. First, by word of mouth. Next, and this is huge when you consider how many women bloggers there are in the U.S. (Think thousands!) Statistics from BlogHer.com show that 59% of the women in the U.S. general population who actively use social media report that they turn to online or to social media as part of their purchase process. When you look at women in the general population who read blogs daily, the number who turn online to drive their purchasing rises to 81%. And among women bloggers? Ninety-two percent turn to online and social to inform their purchasing. It pays to pamper women customers!

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