May 25, 2012

Sizzling Products for Your Summer Promotion!

Greetings from the sunny South, where we call our summer weather "sultry", because it sounds more inviting than "#$!@! hot!"  Here at The Icebox--an incredibly cool place to work--I'm quite comfortable, but when I head out after a day's work, it's like stepping into a blast furnace. Wherever you might be, summer's rearing its hot little head, and if you're in business, it's time to lure new customers with the season's best in promo products.


You've had this experience. Your auto has been sitting in the blazing sun all day long. You open the door to a rush of hot air, slide into the seat and grab the steering wheel. You'd think your burning bottom would take your mind off the excruciating fire nipping at your fingers, but no. A car sun shade can make all the difference in the world. Give this skin-saver to your loyal customers, who'll love you for it, and you'll have your brand amplified in parking spots everywhere they go.


Air conditioning saved the South, but we have to venture out every once in a while during the summer, and from time to time, we go forth for fun--maybe to the beach or camping or to a friend's house with a pool. I guarantee your customers do the same thing, and they'd appreciate this handy, compact kit filled with an aspirin packet, antibiotic ointment packet, 2 bandages, clean nap, insect sting wipes and 3 SPF-15 sunblock packets. The sunblock, bandages, clean nap, insect sting wipes and antibotic ointment are for their kids. The aspirin is for them. The exposure is all yours!


The operative word is cool. If your big push for buyers or employee appreciation event is in the summer, help them beat the heat with a polo shirt made of a high-tech, moisture-wicking material that's easy to care for, feels great against the skin and creates walking ads for your company. This great-looking shirt is available for men and women. Of course, it's well known that in the South women don't sweat--they glisten. I glisten a lot. The woman in the photo doesn't appear to be glistening at all. Must be the shirt.

And just when you thought we were at maximum cool...


This blue beauty holds 20 12 oz. cans--or a lot of food. What goes in it depends on the lucky people you give it to--ultra-loyal customers, outstanding employees, potential purchasers of whatever you have to offer. At a foot high, there's room for a day's worth of goodies, and I'm a big fan of the extra pockets and pouches. Ooh! Fans! Another terrific summer promo item! Seriously. Why be cool when you can be cooler?

It pays to shop for the season. Your customers will know you were thinking of them, their well-being, and you chose a practical take-away they can use as soon as they walk out the door.


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