May 2, 2011

Featured Artist: Jason Kochis

Some people go home and watch TV, but not our artists... They go home and let the creative juices flow, perfecting their craft and creating awe inspiring works. Check out a collection of published materials by Icebox artist Jason Kochis.

Great New Characters
Creating an individual character – that is precisly what the designers represented in this book have achieved. The works included comprise a wide range of categories. It contains peoples and animals but also awe-inspiring fantasy creatures, represented as cartoon characters or caricatures. Whether good or evil, whether colored of black-and-white, beautiful or ugly – the page’s size is the only limit!


Los Logos 4
At over 500 pages, Los Logos 4 is the largest volume to date, showcasing a collection of contemporary logo design by bourgeoning design talent and once again offering an essential resource for all designers. This state-of-the-art visual encyclopedia provides a quality selection of over 5,000 examples of stylistic approaches by designers from around the globe.

T-Shirt Design
The T-Shirt – everybody knows it, everybody owns it. It’s as well a piece of clothing as it is a billboard for music, films, brands – or for the person who wears it itself. It transfers messages and expresses opinions.  “T-Shirt Design” is a 670 page collaborative effort produced by SpreadShirt and Zeixs, and guess who’s featured...

Tres Logos
Tres Logos is a state-of-the-art visual encyclopedia of the current evolution of logo design that investigates recent developments such as the influence of illustration and street art. Featuring more than 4,400 examples, the book explores the exceptional visual language of logos and the stylistic approaches to their creation by designers from around the globe.

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