Jan 25, 2011

Promotional Items Influence The Buyers Decision

How, when and why a customer buys a particular product is a complex subject. One there has been many studies on and something that when understood could hold the key to running a successful business. This subject, also known as customer behavior, has many different factors that contribute to the decision of a sale; there are also many different processes in the buying cycle with the ending result ending in a sale.

At the start of the buying cycle is the first step, the information search. When the customer knows they need a product and they search for information relating to that need. It is at this stage it is important to make your company visible to the audience and it is analysis at this stage that needs to be developed to run an effective marketing strategy.

It is important to make your company memorable, so it is not lost in the crowd. One useful and effective way to do this is with the use of promotional items. These are small giveaway type items that are given away to the target audience to be used as a constant reminder to them of your company. The promotional item industry is the third biggest advertising industry and you don't have to go far to see some in action; a branded pen on your desk perhaps, or a promotional mug in your cupboard.

Promotional items are printed with a company's name and logo. This means every time the item is used, the logo will be seen contributing to brand building. Promotional items are so effective as they are not as invasive as a sales call, instead useful items are usually given away to the target audience and everybody loves a giveaway.

When it comes to customers evaluating which company to choose when making a purchasing decision, the familiarity of a brand will be a deciding factor. Promotional items contribute to this as they help the customer remember the company that gave the products to them. It is natural to prefer the familiar to the unfamiliar, so all the efforts for brand building do not go to waste. Promotional items act as a constant reminder of the company; every time the items are used the company's logo will be in full view.

One of the most successful companies in the world, Coca cola, has long used promotional products for the use of brand building, this perhaps is one of the most frequently seen companies in the world, in an country on any journey or in any café it is hard to not be exposed to the familiar coca cola brand. Whilst we can not all be as big a coca cola we can learn from their branding strategy.

Promotional items when used effectively are one of the most cost effective sources of advertising; relatively inexpensive products are given away and act as a constant reminder of the company every time they are used. When it comes to a purchasing decision of a potential client, familiarity plays an important role; promotional items help contribute to this and are successful in brand building.

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  2. Yes, it's true that promotional items can help customers decide whether to purchase or not your product. So, it's best that you should choose a product that consumers will appreciate. Most of all make items that are useful and functional.

  3. Yes, you have to be keen with the details when it comes to your give-aways for it will serve as your company's face to its users.

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