Dec 13, 2010

Where to use Promotional Products

Promotional items are items which are branded with your company’s name and logo. These items are used as giveaways as part of an overall branding or marketing campaign. There are many different ways to use promotional items which can make them more effective. Below are listed the top 10 ways for inspiration in your next promotional products campaign.

1) Mailers. Include promotional items to your next mailing campaign, this will not only increase the chance the mailers will be opened but also means they are more likely to be read.

2) Events and Tradeshows. Promotional items are used as giveaways at events, conferences or tradeshows and act as a constant reminder to the passing customer of your company. The recipient will be given a long lasting reminder of the brand that will be in full view every time the item is used after the event.

3) Part of the community. You can use your items in activities in the local community for local promotion of your company. Providing plastic bottles at fun runs, additional sponsorship or using small giveaway type items in community events can really spread the word about your company to the surrounding area. This is particularly effective if your market exists in the local community.

4) Thank you. A small token of appreciation can work wonders at building and solidifying existing relationships. Whether this is with existing staff, clients or important suppliers, there is never a better time to say “thanks” for their involvement in your business.

5) Sales incentives. Reward high value purchases with the addition of a free gift. This will encourage people to spend more as they feel they are getting more value for money. You in turn get an advertising gift right where it is needed.

6) Lasting Reminder. Give your sales people promotional items for use in their sale meetings. Just the gift of a branded pen or personalized mints can leave a lasting impression to the potential client. It may be this touch that makes you stand out from the crowd, clinching that ever important sales deal.

7) Staff motivation. Reward staff productivity with small gifts, this will give them an added incentive to increase their work, which at the end of the day will increase your bottom line.

8)Product Promotion. Perhaps you have a product range you want to push, or you have a bulk order of a certain kind of product. You can use the giveaway of promotional products here as an added incentive to purchase these selected products.

9) Competition. People love the thrill of a competition. You can use your selected promotional items as prices in a local or national competition. It does not need to be you that is the host of the competition, you may be able to donate promotional products to other people for use in a competition.

10) Have fun. Last but not least remember the most effective campaigns are those that generate a reaction in the audience. Do not forget to have fun with your items. Perhaps choose some quirky items that can be personalized completely, this will be sure to get the biggest reaction from your audience.